White & Grey Camo

White & Grey Camo

Back at it again with the camo. I love cargo pants. Now that the 90’s are back they are hotter then ever. It just takes me back to the Aaliyah days. It’s crazy because I feel sexiest in a loose pant; or jogger then I do in something tight. Maybe because edgy looks are my favorite. I love these cargo pants from MISSGUIDED. I own like every color. I paired them with this cropped sweater ¬†from Urban Outfitters. This is such a cute sweater because the sleeves are big, the back is longer, and it had a wide V neck. This allows you to wear it off the shoulder like I did.

Now for accessories. I die for this “off-white” inspired belt from asos. I wanted to add a pop of color and I thought this looked really cool. Also my visor? Killing it. Visor game strong. I am a huge fan of visors. Most people think visors are for old people on the beach, or tennis players lol. You could not be more wrong. I LOVE visors. It gives you the illusions of a baseball cap, but allows you to wear your hair any way you want. There is no wear a high pony with a baseball hat; you know what I’m saying?




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