PHILIPS Smokeless Indoor Grill


PHILIPS Smokeless Indoor Grill

When I posted me cooking on this grill for snapchat I had a ton of people asking where I bought it, and how it worked. First off all I have to say is that it’s AMAZING! It is 100% like a real outdoor grill, and the food tastes the exact same. I think this is a great accessory for anyone’s kitchen. I live in a condo and have a community grill. We are not aloud our own grills; which is like most condo and apartments out there. I plugged this right into my outlet in the kitchen, and that was all. A grill right in my home. It does create smoke, but nothing in comparison to like a Foreman grill or an outdoor grill. There is no open flame. It is electric. I kept my slider open, and non of my smoke detectors went off. The next night I plugged it in on my patio; just to have the real BBQ feel. Even of you live in a home this is still a must have for you. You don’t have to worry about weather. You can grill rain or shine; summer or blizzard. It is also really easy to clean. With summer, Mother’s Day & Father’s Day around the corner this is a great gift idea. Below is a video I took and a link to where you can buy it.

Here is a video from my YouTube I made on Snap Chat. This was right in my kitchen. You can make anything on this grill!

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Link to Grill (Click Below) Also More Details

PHILIPS Smokeless Indoor Grill


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