Leisurely Love

Leisurely Love

I know this is not the first time you have heard me say this, but dressing up sweats & sports wear is one of my favorite styles to do. Although this is a huge trend now; this is something I have done for as long as I could remember . I would throw on boots & heals with my Juicy Sweatsuits in college. Which was more then 10 years ago lol. It’s just dope to take what most would see only as athletic wear, and make it into art. It is also that look that takes me from day to night in comfort, and style.

For this look I’m wearing a pair of Adidas track pants from Urban Outfitters. My top was a basic cami from BCBG. The umph for this look came by adding these dope boots from Ego, and then layering necklaces (also another fav of mine). I took a super glam crystal choker and layered gold chains with it. This kept it edgy, and made it less dressy.


Pants/Urban Outfitters

Choker/Duyguy Collection

Gold Chains/Urban Outfitters

Boots/EGO (LANA15 for a discount) <<< Get the exact boots here






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