Yup. I’m a sucker for labels. I love all things designer. This doesn’t mean that the designer item has to have the brand written all over it, but the 90’s are back baby. And it’s all about the “Logo”. I know designer items are expensive; that is why I try to only buy things that are forever pieces. Like this Givenchy Tee & Beanie. You may put them away for a while then 2 years later whip them back out, and its like Christmas all over again. I have pieces from high school & college that I whipped back out. I have Dior ¬†and D&G tees from the early 2000’s that I have been rocking. The boots I wore in this look? YSL circa 2013. Everything old is new again.

Lets talk about these jeans. I love them. They are the Levis wedgie in a distressed black. They are high waisted, and make your butt look amazing. Thats how I judge jeans. If they don’t make the butt look perfect; then they are not for me. I also love this belt. It looks kinda like a Gucci belt, but its actually super cheap from Asos. It’s a nice piece to have that is neutral. So you don’t have different logos all over your body. If you liked this look then hit the read more button, and you can shop all the pieces.




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