Facial Oils

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Facial Oils

I have a recent obsession with facial oils. I have been using them for months now, and can’t believe all of the beneficial things they have done for my skin. Most people are afraid of oils because they think they will break out, but this is not always true. For anyone; any change in product may cause a little disruption in your skin which is normal. This should not discourage you. There are oils out there that actually help with acne such as Tea Tree Oil. Also, over stripping your skin can lead to break outs because your body naturally makes seabum to try to rehydrate its self. Oils are amazing for hydration . They are also anti-aging. Bio-Oil for instance is great for dark spots, acne scars, stretch marks and more. I also love mixing oils into my foundations. The Farsali Oils has gold specs in it; that make your skin luminous when mixed with your foundation. I also like putting a few drops on my beauty blender to apply my concealer. Below is the a list of my favorite facial oils. The descriptions are links to the products so you can shop easy, and learn more about each oil.


Bio-Oil $20.19


Nature’s Bounty Vitamin E Oil $7.90

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir $35


ARCONA Wine Oil $58


Tea Tree Oil $12.45



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    • Yes for sure. Im really into oils right now. I also love coconut oil(organic) and the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping oil:) I also starting using a Vitamin C Serum from a medical grade company called SkinCuticals.

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