4 Makeup Products I Can’t Live Without


4 Makeup Products I Can’t Live Without

I get a lot of questions regarding my ride or die makeup products. So I did a poll on Instagram, and you guys asked for me to name my top 4 products. So here they are ready for you to shop. If I was stranded on a desert island, and could only have 4 makeup items with me they would be……….

1.)  Matte Bronzer

A matte bronzer is a must have for me. Not only to warm up my skin but, its an easy way to contour my entire face. My favorite is the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit. I use it to contour my eyes by adding it to my crease to contour the lid. I also love smudging it under my lower lash line to add definition to my eyes. Then I can take that same bronzer and contour my cheeks, forehead , nose and jawline. Why Hoola bronzer ? Because its the  perfect bronzer…. Literally. It is a neutral color bronzer so not too cool, and not to warm. This is why it makes it ideal for both bronzing, and contouring. It is also matte. You never want to contour using something with shimmer. The purpose of contour is to make something look concave; or smaller. Sparkles make it stand out; it does the opposite if what you want. The only thing popping for me is my highlight! (click the photo to shop the product.)

2.) Concealer 

Concealer is a must for me. I have insomnia, and never sleep great. Naturally under my eyes gets darker then the rest of my face; so concealer is my sleep in a tube. I always have it in at least 2 -3 shades.  I like a peachy; or yellow tone to cancel out any blue/purple tones under my eyes. Then a color that is the same shade; or one shade lighter then my skin. This color will conceal my circles, and also cover any other imperfections on my face. Lastly; I like a lighter shade to really highlight, and brighten under my eyes. I also use it down the center of nose, center of my forehead, cupids bow and chin. My go to is Tarte Shape Tape. Since this launched no other concealer has been able to fill its shoes. It is full coverage , a little goes a long way, its stays put and never creases on me (and my under eyes are really dry). It also practically sets itself. When I’m doing a full face of makeup I do lightly set it with powder, but for the sake of this post its doesn’t have to be. So if I’m stranded on a desert island you best know I will have my little magic wand with me lol. (click the photo to shop the product.)

3.) Mascara 

Mascara is everything. Nothing is going to open up, and brighten your eyes like a nice coat of mascara. I love a lot of mascara. I do mostly wear lash extensions on my top lashes only; so I don’t need it when I’m wearing them. But I ALWAYS wear it on my bottom lashes. I actually love a full; almost clumpy bottom lash. If I’m not wearing lash extensions then I will wear it on my top lashes as well. I either like lash extensions; or my natural lashes with mascara. Im not a big fan of strip lashes. My go to mascara is either Lancome Monsieur BIG; or Maybelline Spider Effect in the blackest black. Both these mascaras add a lot of drama to my lashes. Sometimes I even layer them together. (click the photo to shop the product.)

4.) Setting Spray

Last, but not least is setting spray! More particularly the Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist. So this product, and I have a sweet love affair. It does something to my skin the second I spray it on. Not only does it set my makeup, but melts everything into my skin, and leaves nothing looking powdery. It also makes my skin glow, and adds hydration. I have dryer skin so I give my self a mini bath in it, but just one spritz on either sider of your face is all you really need. It truly gives my skin a dewy look. It looks great with or without makeup as well. Now it does have oil so I know that freaks people out, but It does not make me breakout. It isn’t a bad oil; so it shouldn’t make anyone break out. Tatcha states that it is for both dry, and combination skin. But obviously we are all different, and incase you have acne prone skin; or  you really just can’t use it I really love the Makeup Forever setting spray. It gives the same effect with out the oil. (click the photo to shop the product.)





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